Monday, June 8, 2015

Gloria's Daily HLP #22: A Favorite Subject

You know, the greeting card industry has contributed to the invention of hundreds of special days of the year. Most of them are silly. Some are pretty cool.

I stumbled upon National Donut Day somewhere online, and personally, I thought, "Ick." Donuts, while I might eat one every few years, are just not worthy of having a day of the year celebrated in their honor! Dough fried in oil—even with chocolate icing or filling—is basically what they are. Not on my list of foods that are good for anything. Many would argue this point. However... I decided that if donuts had a "day," then surely there must be a day devoted to chocolate. Maybe even a day devoted to dark chocolate! I looked it up. National Chocolate Day is indeed a special day, and this year it will be on October 28. Perfect subject for my daily hand lettered phrase!

(Side note: I call these hand lettered phrases, and I hope I'm using the term "hand lettered" in a correct way. I supposed the precise term is "hand generated type," so if anyone thinks I'm misrepresenting my work, please let me know and I will change it to "hand generated." Thanks!)

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