Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gloria Roubal's Daily Hand Generated Type Phrase #63: MEGAN JOHNS!

I first heard Megan Johns at the Artists Against AIDS benefit art show where she was performing before me (they had live music at the opening). She was only about 16, and I was impressed!!! Then my friend Andy, who had a recording studio, told me I should listen to the CD she had just finished. This was right about the same time or shortly after. I loved her music so much! Very unique and innovative, and it just drew me in. Since that time, I have had the honor and pleasure of sharing the stage with Megan at various songwriter showcases. I am such a huge fan of this artist (and yes, she is also a visual artist!). Here mom, Kristen Johns, is also an amazing woman, shooting videos of local music shows and posting them on her site, Champaign Underground.

For whatever reason, I thought of Megan today. She doesn't live here any longer, but thankfully still has family here and will be back on occasion, hopefully booking some shows here when she does.

She's a real special talent and super cool person. I love Megan as well as loving her music! (She is also, by the way, a killer guitarist!)

This piece is a tribute to Megan Johns. (Photo is from her video for "Hey Lonely")

Please visit her music page and give a listen to her songs!

Check out her "Hey Lonely" video:

Champaign Underground Facebook Page:

Thanks, Megan, for sharing your wonderful music with the world!!! xoxoxo

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