Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I am so happy that I'm finally back on a clean eating, daily exercise program! I go through months, even years, of having these healthy habits and being committed to them, but then something happens and I fall off the wagon, so to speak. This time it was going back to school full time two years ago. The intensity, the lack of time for anything else but school, and stress led to very little exercise, snacking to stay awake late at night while working on projects, and turning to comfort food for stress. I put on the good old, "freshman 15!" I am finally determined to get fit, healthy, and able to wear clothes I could wear at my ideal weight a couple of years ago. I am already seeing great results. :)

I'm loving my BeachBody workouts, such as PIYO, 21 DAY FIX, TURBOFIRE (Chalene Johnson is the instructor for both TURBOFIRE and PIYO...LOVE her), and the latest and super fun CIZE! Shaun T, the teacher, is so much fun. Really motivating! All just basically dance moves but at a frenetic pace! This simple lettering piece is the tag line for CIZE.

By the way, I am a BeachBody coach. This is a recent development, and I have yet to go through any of the coach training, but if you want to reach out to me about that or any of the BeachBody exercise programs, Shakeology, or the 21 DAY FIX meal plan, I'm your girl!

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