Sunday, September 20, 2015


I love the idea of being in forests. I love how forests look, smell, feel, sound...all except the biting bugs (mosquitoes mainly, and they love my blood). Anyway, photographs of forests are so appealing to me. Also, being in nature alone, or with another person, is my idea of a kind of paradise. Being close to nature, away from technology and obligations... That's what today's piece is about.

The weather is changing into the beautiful fall weather that I love, and I am going to go for some walks in the woods this fall. I have a friend who does this often, and I've been with her once. It was wonderful except for the mosquito swarms! That's why fall will be a much better time. I'm looking so forward to it!

I'm pretty happy with the lettering in this piece, and I think it goes well with the image. Hope you enjoy!

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