Thursday, March 31, 2016

GLORIA ROUBAL'S WEEKLY LETTERING #6 - hand painted, acrylic on wood: This is NOT Goodbye

I went to a workshop in hand-painted lettering last weekend. What a blast! I really enjoyed it. I had picked up my board ahead of time and had my under-sketch already done before I went, so that saved me a lot of time. Even so, three hours wasn't nearly enough time to complete it so I took it home along with the paint I had mixed and finished it there. I'm entering it along with (yes, really) 24 other pieces in the abCU show at Gallery 217! The opening reception will be on Friday, April 8, and the show runs all weekend.

For more about the abCU show:
To see more of my work:

Acrylic paint on wooden board

I really like the colors I chose for this piece as well as using dots instead of lines (I tried lines; they just didn't look right). This is the first actual hand-painted lettering piece I've ever done. I'm looking forward to trying again soon. :)

• • • • •

By the way, I designed the lettering for the abCU 2016 poster as well as the Maker's March poster (Matt Farrell designed the rest of the poster in both cases. Nice teamwork!).

• • • • •

I also designed the posters for the abCU shows in 2014 and 2015:

abCU 2014 poster

abCU 2015 poster

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Finally, here are a few of the pieces I am entering this year:
Whimsical bead and wire piece

Screenprint and T-shirt

printed on cool paper

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