Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekly Lettering Project #2: Makers Gonna Make

I'm sure this phrase has been said/made before. I'm getting ready to go to three "maker's" workshops on the next three consecutive Saturdays. One is paper-making, one is screen printing, and one is hand painted lettering. I'm really excited for all three of them, and I hope that at least one piece will be good enough to enter into the abCU show in Downtown Champaign, April 8-10!

I'm really happy that I am starting to figure out how to do this three dimensional look on my lettering. The next thing I need to learn is how to make realistic-looking shadows. I should look online for a tutorial. Also, I have free access to classes through my Champaign Public Library card! I'll check there, too.

I wish I had added more detail to the background for this piece, but maybe it doesn't need it. On to weekly lettering project #3!

Have a great week!

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