Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mary Kate McDevitt. Another Spectacular Letterer!

I keep searching for and easily finding letterers and illustrators and designers about whom I have never heard.

I came across Mary Kate McDevitt in an article in PRINT magazine from February 21, 2015. The article is entitled,"The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion." Check it out! Lots of extremely cool pieces by several different letterers (including Mary Kate).

Mary Kate McDevitt's website

I love to see the initial sketch prior to adding color and shading, etc. Here is one such example:

I absolutely love everything about this piece! Here is what Mary Kate says about it on her website:

Heartwork Poster

I was pleased as punch to create a poster for the great organization Heartwork. Heartwork is a project designed to raise money for art supplies within the art room at Target House—this wonderful home-away-from-home for the families of children facing long-term treatment at St. Jude® Children's Research Hospital. The theme of the collection of posters is "hope" and this years line up was filled with talented folks. Check out the entire collection, but I think all the posters are sold out.

Client: Heartwork

I'm a sucker for dots and flourishes. I also have a thing for ampersands. I want to get better at designing the "decorations" that go with the lettering... like this. And, I love the faded and slightly distressed peach-colored background behind everything.

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