Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Music, art, dance, movies—these creative expressions impact me deeply and daily. They enrich my life, both in my own creations and also the abundant beauty found in the creative expression of others. As I'm a graphic designer and musician, I'm having a fantastic time creating the phrases that are song titles, lyrics, musician/band names, and quotes about the inspiration that music provides so many people.

My hand generated type phrases are getting better (I think), and I'm getting faster at it. I can't believe today is number 80! Today's piece is a lyric line from a beautiful song called "Intuition" by FEIST. It's so moving to me in the way Leslie Feist sings it (so many of her songs move me this way), I'm sometimes moved to tears. Anyhow... here you go. I hope you like it. (And, I again used a photo from Unsplash.com, a wonderful resource for designers and other creatives. Be sure to visit the site!)


"Intuition" by Feist LIVE

"Intuition" by Feist, studio version, from the record The Reminder

All lyrics to the song

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