Sunday, August 9, 2015


I fell in love with Australian Aboriginal art years ago. The dots and how they are used are my favorite aspect of this art. I use dots a lot in my painting. The process of creating dot and dot patterns and lines is very zen-like and relaxing.

The artwork in this piece is something I created for a class project in which I designed a wine bottle label for an imaginary winery located in Australia. I called the series, "The Dreamtime Series," and I created a hand generated type, SHIRAZ, which went underneath it. For this daily project, I decided to tweak the artwork a little bit and create "The Dreamtime" in hand generated type. I spent many, many hours on this project, and decided that it could be used again for my daily phrase!

By the way, if you are curious about what "The Dreamtime" is, here is the beginning of the description found on "The Dreamtime" is also known as "The Dreaming"; the terms are synonymous. Visit the site for more. Or visit this site, another good one:

"The Dreaming is a term used by Aborigines to describe the relations and balance between the spiritual, natural and moral elements of the world. It is an English word but its meaning goes beyond any suggestion of a spiritual or dream-related state. Rather, the Dreaming relates to a period from the origin of the universe to a time before living memory or experience - a time of creator ancestors and supernatural beings."

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