Saturday, October 10, 2015


This has been an interesting birthday. Yesterday I had the pleasure of being taken to lunch by my wonderful music partner and bestie forever... then we went shopping a little afterwards. For dinner, two of my best girlfriends took me out, and we even had chocolate cake for dessert while singing, "Dad is great..................Give us the chocolate cake............." (from the old Bill Cosby standup movie, "Bill Cosby, Himself," which we decided was OK to still laugh at even after learning about Bill's awful secrets).

Today, after getting my workout done in the morning and having lunch, I went to my parents' house to give my dad a hand moving some clothes around from closet to closet in preparation for the cold weather. As it turned out, and I won't go into detail, I persuaded him to go to the ER for possible heart trouble, and I insisted that it had to be TODAY. So, I called an ambulance and followed it to the hospital (my mom rode with him in the ambulance). It wasn't really a crisis situation, but it did warrant a trip to the hospital. In fact, they are keeping him for observation overnight. So I was with him and my mom at the hospital for five hours today, missing my special dog class (to which I was going to take Silvio) and dinner out with my husband. But those things weren't sacrifices. My dad kept apologizing about me having to spend my birthday doing this... it didn't matter one iota. Those things aren't important. My dad is. His health, his life... I was happy I was there to take charge of the situation and get him in today! So grateful! I don't care about celebrating on the day of... There is plenty of celebrating to be done before and after. I was happy that my niece went to visit him in the evening. I'll be checking on him in the morning, and if I'm needed, I'll cancel the meeting I have at 11:30. Anyway, it just goes to show that when you are prepared for anything to happen, embrace whatever happens, are willing to simply go with the flow and do what needs to be done when it's needed, stay calm and relaxed as possible, and just be there for others when they need you, it strengthens one's inner joy and peace. There's no other way my birthday should have been today. This is what needed to be! And here it is, not even midnight, and I'm already done with my daily phrase.

Now I will go have a small snack and watch episode 2 of "Scream Queens," a guilty pleasure!

Tomorrow I get to play a show with my wonderful partner at a fundraiser for a great cause. I'm one lucky teenager-at-heart!

Peace and Love.

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