Monday, October 12, 2015


Love and forgiveness for oneself and others are powerful and very important things in this life. At least that's what I believe.

Life is short. Holding grudges only hurts ourselves. Carrying around resentments is harmful to our body, mind, and spirit. When we can finally forgive (and it takes a lot of practice!) ourselves for all of the ways we have hurt ourselves and others—with the deep understanding that we can't undo the past, nor can we help being human—we lighten our burden and our heart becomes more open. When we can forgive others for the ways they have hurt us or hurt others, the same is true. Finally, when we can ask others for forgiveness for all the ways we may have hurt them, knowingly and unknowingly, we help them to move on while at the same time show them that we are truly sorry and remorseful. Forgiveness doesn't mean that we condone certain behaviors; it doesn't even always mean that we can repair a relationship... It's a way to recognize that we've held on to the pain—caused by clinging to anger and resentment—long enough. We can let go. It helps us to be free and more at peace with the way things are right now.

Love is a feeling, yes, but it is also something we can choose to do. We can choose to cultivate love. Deep love. We can open our hearts and deeply touch others. We can act out of love. We can be there for others because they need us... sometimes just to be with them without even saying any words. We can truly listen to another with the sole purpose of helping them, having no agenda of our own. Cultivating love and compassion takes practice, just like cultivating forgiveness. It is crucial that we learn to love ourselves, to love the little child inside of us, just as it is crucial that we learn to love others. Everyone deserves love. People who don't get the love they need when they are children grow up with imbalances that can be extremely difficult to repair. Difficult, but not impossible. Nobody is a lost cause. Even people who have committed the most heinous of acts still have the potential to change.

These are my beliefs, and it's okay if you disagree. I love you for being open enough to read what I wrote. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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