Thursday, October 15, 2015


Do you ever find yourself going through a phase of missing people or animals who are either no longer living or who you just don't see much anymore?

Sometimes, when I go through my Facebook friend list, I get very nostalgic and miss certain people very much. I always miss my animals who are no longer with me, but sometimes more acutely than others. Sometimes I miss the time periods in my life when certain things were going on. I even catch myself, in the present moment, being aware that I am really going to miss someone who is getting ready to move away or something like that. It's anticipatory missing!

An example of this is my dear friend Kelli to whom I became very close last year as we spent several nights a week together at my house, working on homework, talking, eating dinner, taking breaks, watching movies, and just enjoying being together. I knew and was aware, as we were listening to music and working in my office on our computers on our design projects or homework, that this time was very precious and that she would be moving away at the end of the semester after we graduated. I tried to soak up every minute of enjoying being with her and really tried to be present. Most of the time I was, but then I'd catch myself "missing" her, even as she was right there with me! I choose this example, but there are other people also—to whom I am extremely close—who elicit these same kinds of feelings in me. It's a reminder to come back to the present moment. Be in that moment. When the feelings of missing come up, it's okay... I try to embrace them, to bow to them, and then come back to what is happening in the moment and enjoy it. It's a lifelong practice.

The same holds true for missing those who are no longer here (permanently or temporarily). Missing is attachment. It's human nature. It's okay to feel the loss, the grief, the missing, the longing. It's okay to cry. It's okay to feel sad and blue. These feelings do arise. They just do. Again, if I can practice feeling those feelings, really experiencing the raw emotions without going over and over the "story" that feeds the emotions, bow to the feelings, and then let them go like touching a bubble with a feather, I don't get stuck. However, getting stuck does happen too. It's all a work in progress.

I really didn't think I would have so much to say about this phrase. One thing that's important to add is that I think it's really, really important to let people know that you miss them! It's almost as important as letting people know you love them. This is for everyone I miss. There are too many to mention.

That is all.

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