Friday, October 30, 2015

Gloria Roubal's Daily Hand Generated Type Phrase #168

As I work, I like to listen to music. Sometimes I listen to music on Spotify or Pandora, which is fun because I'm introduced to things I haven't heard before. Other times I listen to my Itunes, and I have a ton of music on there—somewhere between seven and eight thousand songs! Today I listened to a large playlist that I had created for driving in the car to pick up dogs in Covington, Indiana when I was heavily into rescue transport a few years ago. I needed music that was fun and uplifting in some way. I usually played it on the way there, but on the way back, with dogs in the car, I didn't play music. Instead I talked to the dogs. :) And while listening tonight, a couple of Bowie songs made their way into the mix.

So anyway, on that playlist is this song, which makes me feel nostalgic for the time in my life when this was a hit. I was in my 20s and did quite a little bit of going out to bars with my girlfriends. I had a Ford Pinto. You know... the light blue one that had rust on the doors... the one that apparently had a defect (and might have been recalled) that would cause the car to blow up if hit from the rear... But crappy hand-me-down first car it may have been for me—I enjoyed that car a lot. I liked driving a manual transmission, and it got me from A to B. But the best thing about it was the custom stereo that I had installed. It kicked ASS. It was worth more money than the car! So most of the time, when my friends and I went out to hit the bars, we took my car because of the great tunes. We cranked it way up and drove around campus and other parts of town, hitting bars like The White Horse Inn, Studio One, Mabel's, and more. "Let's Dance" was probably on one of my mix tapes (yes, cassette tapes). And, I remember hearing it a lot in bars where there wasn't live music.

Ah, sometimes it was a misspent youth, but I still miss those days at times. And listening to music from a particular time period is one great way to go back there.

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