Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I heard someone say something very much like this yesterday or the day before. I can't remember who said it, but it rings so true for me. In fact, for so many painful emotions, the root emotion underneath it all (at least for me) is usually some kind of fear. We usually don't want to experience the fear, so we go to anger, sadness, frustration, or something else in order not to touch our fear. And then there's the fear of fear, which is really crippling. If we can let go of the story line and touch/experience the raw emotions that are there, including the fear, we can begin to accept it and remember that it's only a feeling and that it will pass. The thoughts can come and they can go... we can touch them, say what they are (mentally say, "Thinking, thinking..."), and let them go like touching a bubble with a feather. Come back to what is happening right now, whatever feelings are there... let them be there. Welcome them. Bow to them. Embrace them. Embrace and don't push away fear. We all have fear. It just is the way we are. But we can learn to accept it and not cover it over with other feelings that we may thing are easier. Anger is something we all have as well. It's human. But if we really get in touch with it, I think we usually find fear lurking under there asking for our attention.

I think there's a lot of wisdom in these four little words.


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