Monday, February 1, 2016


Have I blogged about this before? I'm having a moment of déjà vu. 

I do tend to be drawn to stories about the bizarre, the unexplained, the eerie... David Lynch has been one of my favorite movie directors since Blue Velvet came out in 1986. Talk about a fascinating mind! I think I own the DVDs of all of his movies as well as TV series Twin Peaks. Some of his work is so strange and difficult to figure out, I have watched it multiple times just to try to understand it! This is true of Mulholland Drive... and I am closer to figuring it out, but haven't quite gotten there yet. Sometime this year I'll watch it yet again! 

My favorite David Lynch movie is, without a doubt, Wild at Heart. The story, the acting, the creepiness, the casting, the soundtrack/score... It's really a very tender love story, but there are so many bizarre and disturbing parts of the movie that are captivating. It does not try to trick you... there aren't the crazy "puzzles" like there are in Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway, for example. And then there are the Wizard of Oz references throughout (Wild at Heart), and that is probably my all-time favorite movie, if I had to pick one favorite. Laura Dern, Nic Cage, Willem Dafoe, Isabella Rosselini, and other amazing actors help make Wild at Heart an amazing movie. It's another one that I have watched multiple times (but not because it's hard to figure out; just because I love it that much) and will watch again. In fact, it's the only movie ever that I watched for the first time, and then watched again with my husband who got home right when I had finished the first viewing. 

Have you seen it?

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