Tuesday, February 2, 2016


When I started the graphic design program at Parkland College in August, 2013, I was extremely fortunate to have Maya Bruck as my instructor for Typography I. She absolutely inspired and excited us about typography. She had us join Pinterest and create a typography board as a kind of blog for the course. It was there that I came across Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap project. I was and continue to be amazed by her work. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to and filled with Jessica's work. I recently bought her book, In Progress, and am excited to really delve into it when I have time to do so, hopefully soon!

Jessica became very successful early in her adult life. At this point I believe she is only 32 years old. She's quite remarkable.

Here is a link to her website.
Here is a link to a presentation (video). AIGA Houston Presents: Jessica Hische Full Lecture.

If you're interested in design, lettering, beauty... please check out her stuff! Any of the above links will take you somewhere cool.

(In designing and executing my lettering design, I'm obviously trying to emulate Jessica's style. I sent it to her on Twitter... I'll let you know if she replies!)

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