Sunday, January 31, 2016


I have decided to try to learn Spanish.

Okay, that seemed random...but there is a connection here.

There are fantastic free apps for learning languages these days, so my method is spending 10–15 minutes a day (most days) on either Mango Languages (which, by the way, is totally free with your Champaign Public Library card, and if you live elsewhere, please check with your local library!) or Duolingo (which is free). To supplement, I attempt to read children's books. It's difficult! I'm not learning it very quickly at all, but it is fun, and I will plug away at it. Hopefully in a year or so, I'll have made some progress.

One of the books I am in the middle of trying to read is Pan y Mermelada Para Francisca. It's a tough book for beginning Spanish students like me. When I was a kid, I absolutely loved Bread and Jam for Frances! The story is adorable, and the illustrations are even more adorable! Wish me luck in finishing the book. Gracias.


PS: Here is the cover of the book.

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