Monday, January 25, 2016


I think our society is so overly focused on self-improvement. We're always getting messages that we're not good enough in one way or another. It leads to so many problems for individuals. Not that there's anything wrong with taking actions to better oneself... to get healthier... to become more skilled at something by practicing... to continue to learn... to try to be more compassionate, loving, and so on... The problem is this. Rather than accept and love ourselves exactly as we are first and then do things we want to do to "improve" ourselves, we tend to think of ourselves as bad or wrong or not smart enough or not talented enough or not dedicated enough or whatever. And, that's what drives the need to push ourselves to get better. Why is that a problem? It's a problem because we'll never get "there." It's a constant striving to measure up, to be good enough, whatever enough is. We don't realize that we ARE good enough NOW! Right this very moment, we are. We are not problems that need to be fixed or solved, and yet that's what so many people believe. And our society perpetuates that mindset.

Many years ago, because my Aunt Wilma introduced me to his work, I started listening to/reading Eckhart Tolle's books and live retreats on CD (actually, long enough ago that it was cassette tapes!). I read The Power of Now and several other books, and I have several of his books/seminars on CD to which I still listen. I actually really love listening to him speak more than read the printed words on the pages of his book. Something about his voice and the way he says things is so calming. If you have never listened to him, I highly recommend it. He is a remarkable individual... a spiritual teacher of great importance to me. He was probably the first of my spiritual teachers, actually. For me, it was the beginning of learning to live in the present moment, to accept myself and everything else exactly as it is in this very moment. Can I always do that? Absolutely not! I just keep practicing. I'm back into meditating daily (almost every day) after a two-year or so period of not meditating. I'm also getting better at catching myself when I'm speaking to myself in negative ways, trying to escape the present moment in one way or another, and ruminating about things over which I have no control. It's a path, and there is not a destination. Life is the path.

Too "self-helpish?" :) I know, I know. I write about this kind of stuff way more than I should, rather than writing about design! I guess I like to share my inspiration for the content of my designs when it comes to these phrases.

"I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me!" ~Stuart Smalley (Saturday Night Live character) LOL - I had to throw that in there. Find it on Youtube. You'll get a chuckle.

May we all accept and have compassion for ourselves just the way we are right here, right now.


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