Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Disclaimer: My inner teenager is writing this, or at least contributing.

I love a lot of 80s music. It was the decade when a lot of things happened in my life (and otherwise), musically speaking (many would argue that a lot of 80s music was garbage... I tend to disagree). I was in my teens and 20s then, going out to hear bands, going to parties, living it up! Part of the "scene." I was in my first band in the mid-80s. It was horrid. But it was a band, and I was loving it!

During that decade, many female musical artists and bands came forth and were in the limelight. The Pretenders, Pat Benatar, The Go-Gos, 'Til Tuesday, and one of my favorites, The Bangles. I wanted to be Susanna Hoffs. (It's funny to look back now at the 90s when I spent over three years in the 80s band, The Brat Pack, in which I got to sing songs by all of the above and more! What a blast.)

Anyway, today "Hero Takes a Fall" (from 1984) came across my ipod shuffle in my car. I listened to this song over and over when it came out. The Bangles (still putting out records and touring, by the way) was the ultimate chick band. So Beatlesque...the harmonies, the songwriting... I never got to see them live, but I would have loved to. Susanna Hoffs was the coolest thing about the band, to me. I loved (and still do) her voice!

Give it a listen: SONG LINK ("Hero Takes a Fall")

And PS: I thought she was gorgeous then, and she's still gorgeous now!



(Photo with blue background: Susanna turns 55)

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