Monday, January 11, 2016


When I woke up today and turned on the news (which I usually don't do), the first thing that I saw was that David Bowie had died.

I thought that I must have misheard... I knew he had just released a record and thought I must be mistaken in my half-awakeness. But no, it was true.

This was a very sad day for so many people. Bowie was such a brilliant, unique, creative individual, and his catalog of work is immense and incredible.

I can remember—maybe even in grade school—listening to "Young Americans" and "Fame." Probably others at that age, and then many more as I grew up. I didn't get "into" Bowie to a large extent, but I did always like his music a lot and appreciated his songs, talent, voice... He was a force... a true original. He was influential to so, so many musicians and other people. I have a feeling—and this is a shame—that I'll probably get much more familiar with his music now that he's gone. Today I've listened to nothing but Bowie songs on Spotify as I worked, both at my job and at home. I feel like I've missed out on so much. I'm really very moved and saddened by his death, and I especially feel great sympathy and empathy for my music partner, Paul, for whom David Bowie has been one of the very greatest musical influences in his life since he was a kid. Bowie's death is a great loss for Paul among millions of other people.

Paul, this is for you. Thank you for suggesting the phrase. Love this song.

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