Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I love animals. ALL kinds!

As far as animals I've lived with, I grew up with cats (and a few hamsters, lizards, toads, snakes, box turtles, and I think that covers it). I love cats. I have two cats currently (Stella and Zeba) along with one dog (Silvio). I always loved dogs but never had much experience with them as a kid. I was in my mid-thirties when we adopted our first dog, Danté, from the Humane Society. He was such a special boy. He's been gone for about seven years, and I miss him still. Shortly after adopting Danté, we adopted Nica, and they were the greatest pair. Nica was the sweetest dog in the world. She's been gone for just over a year. Needless to say, I still miss her greatly as well. There have been many cats in my family who've died... I love and miss all of my fur family members. The love will always will the memories.

My relationship with each animal is unique. I don't love one any more than another. I love them in different ways—as different as the unique personality of each one. The three with us right now are sweet, quirky, playful, affectionate, and funny in their own ways. I can't imagine a home without animals. (And, I do have two praying mantises right now as well, but that's another story!)

But this post is about puppies. Until Danté was part of the family, I never knew how much dogs could enrich our lives. Danté was about seven months old when we adopted him, so he was still a puppy, but not a baby. I've never experienced having a young puppy. No matter... Dogs...puppies... they add something so special to a family.

I have always remembered the Peanuts comic that said, "Happiness is a warm puppy." Charles Schulz based his Snoopy character on his own beagle. In fact, most of my childhood experiences with dogs were with Snoopy, I guess you could say! Anyway, I wanted to use this for one of my phrases, and today I came across this wonderful photograph on that so beautifully expresses the sentiment.

I enjoyed creating this one. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

I found a couple of examples of Peanuts comics that have the text. I'm not sure if the Lucy strip was the original place that Charles Schulz placed this phrase, but they are both so sweet. :)

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