Monday, November 23, 2015


I've got a monkey on my back.

I've been eating really, really cleanly for some time now. Well, except for the occasional cheating. But mostly great. Lots of (non-meat) protein, tons of good veggies, very little carbs, healthy fats in low quantities, practically only fruit for sweets (and not much of that)... BUT...


Here is the problem with that. I can't eat any chocolate without wanting more and more and more. I can't keep it in my house. Even if I eat out and have a chocolate dessert, I find I start craving it more afterwards. Ugh.

I've lost more than ten pounds in the last few months—something I really wanted to do. I have just a few more to go to reach my goal. I'm working out every day, and I'm getting a lot stronger as well as increasing my cardiovascular condition. Plus I just feel better! My clothes are fitting me again; I feel great when I work out; all of this relieves stress greatly.

Actually, as I sit here, I have a bag of chocolate (Lindt dark... one of my very favorites), which I'm just keeping as a "grab bag" gift for my family's pre-real-present-opening activity in December. I could reach over there right now and just have one...

NO! If I do, I will have fallen off the horse, and that entire bag would be gone very quickly.

Woe is me. :(

PS—Remove "Enthusiast," and insert "Addict." I need help!

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