Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I have so much for which to be grateful in this life. I could write a list a mile long.

For today's phrase, I wanted to express gratitude as seen on people's faces. As I perused photos on the website, I was touched by so many of the photos of smiling kids, so I decided to use those. Children's smiles often express pure joy. I think when we feel gratitude, we should try to picture smiling little children... then picture ourselves as children smiling. Better yet, when we want to remind ourselves about all we can be grateful for, we can picture those faces. Pure joy, when we feel it, is something about which we can feel extremely grateful. Not everyone has many moments like this. We can be grateful when we do, and we can also be grateful that others do—that as humans, we are capable of feeling happy and can express that through smiling. We can also be grateful that smiling at other people can sometimes make a huge difference in their day.

Happy Thanksgiving. Smile! :)

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