Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I wrote this song some years ago, but I still play it live with my wonderful music partner, Paul Sabuco. I love that he loves the song; it makes it even more fun to play and sing.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you were willing to do absolutely anything for them, even at the cost of yourself? Not healthy, I know... but have you ever been there? Well, that's what this song is about.

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SHATTER ME (lyrics, music, and all recordings of the song—copyright Gloria Roubal, a.k.a. G. Lee)

You know I'd do anything you asked me to
I would even let you shatter me
Sun and moon shining down to comfort me
Very soon I will be on my feet again

Broken apart but gently reassembled
Makes my scars grow stronger every day
Every start comes with an ending
Battered heart still beating, still okay

Shatter me
Shatter me

I'm highly capable of putting myself together
But I would do anything to make this feeling last
I'm easily able to put it all together
But I would let it stay in pieces if this could linger on forever

Coming undone can be worth the feeling
Then I can get on and repair my sunken soul
I will leave a trail of crumbs for you to find me
So you can bury me once again

Shatter me (oh, I will let you)
Shatter me (I will let you shatter me)
Shatter me (Just pick up all my pieces when you're finished)
Shatter me (Pick up all my pieces when you're finished if you shatter me)

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