Sunday, November 8, 2015


And THE CARS sing...

Let the good times roll... Let them knock you around.
Let the good times roll... Let them make you a clown.
Let them leave you up in the air,
Let them brush your rock and roll hair...

That song was running through my head today. I'm a sucker for that era and genre of music. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel happy, uplifted!

So when a song like that is running through my head, I'm pretty much in a good state of mind. :)

(And OMG... the production is amazing. LISTEN. No wonder... The producer was Roy Thomas Baker who also produced five of Queen's albums... just a little tidbit of trivia.)

By the way, the song by The Cars is titled, "Good Times Roll," but there are, of course, a number of songs titled, "Let the Good Times Roll." Let's see what Wikipedia has to say about that:

Let the Good Times Roll may refer to:

So there's that...

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