Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Years ago, I bought the Bob Schneider CD, LONELYLAND (2000), after reading a review in a St. Louis record store publication and then seeing his posters plastered all over the loop in St. Louis... I took a total chance and bought it without ever having heard any of his music. This was one of those times I got lucky! Sometimes it pays to take a chance.

His voice is gritty and cool and emotional; his vocal style and phrasing are really appealing to me; he is a prolific songwriter; I love many of his songs; there's great production on the records. He has put out about 20 solo albums since 1998, I believe. He's won awards and his music has appeared on numerous TV shows and in movies. You can find all of that on Wiki if you are interested.

A high school friend of mine who works in radio in Chicago is a big Bob Schneider fan, and for awhile, after reconnecting at the local Ellnora guitar festival some years ago, we would email each other songs we thought the other would like. "Big Blue Sea" is one such song that he sent me. It's not my favorite Bob Schneider song, but I really do like it. It puts me in a good mood. :)

The photo I used, which I found on, was the perfect background for this song title.

Have a LISTEN and WATCH on Austin City Limits.

Read the LYRICS.

Have a LISTEN to my favorite Bob S. song from his LONELYLAND CD, "Under My Skin."

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