Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today, for some reason, I had an insight.

Sometimes, for me anyway, insights are simply things we already know, but somehow seeing them in a different light. You might, for example, read a spiritual text over and over, and once in awhile you'll think about a phrase or section that you've read a thousand times, and suddenly you "get it!" That's what I mean. It can be anything. It's just a new level of understanding.

My insight today had to do with habits. I have no idea what got me thinking about habits, but we all have them, and some are good for us and others aren't. I struggle with some unhealthy habits at times. This leads to reprimanding myself, feeling badly about myself, and so on, which sometimes just starts the cycle all over again. Other habits that I have are good for me and I benefit from them tremendously. So, my insight was just me talking to myself. It went something like this. "Everyone has habits! It is human nature to have them. To transform habits, all we have to do is to develop beneficial habits to take the place of bad habits. It's okay to have habits. I can accept all of the habits I have right at this very moment, and I can do my best to transform them."

So therein lies the motivation for my phrase today.

PS - Pema Chödrön teaches a lot about mental habits. Here is an excerpt from her audiobook, Getting Unstuck, in which she discusses how we strengthen negative mental habits. If you are interested...


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