Sunday, December 20, 2015


I am a reader. I love to read.


I go through phases of reading daily, and then I get out of the habit, can't find a book that interests me, and just get lazy about it.

I want to read more. I have books sitting on my shelves that I haven't read. I work at the Champaign Public Library, for f**k's sake!!!! I have an ipad with Kindle and other apps for reading books. There really is no excuse.

More than anything, I created this phrase (after coming across the photograph on to motivate myself to say that to myself when I'm getting ready to just veg out in front of the TV, or whatever... I want to get in the reading habit! It's a wonderful habit to have!

I recently started a book called Bedbugs, by Ben H. Winters, that is a horror story (I tend to like those if they're good ones). The first two chapters were promising.

Okay, I just convinced myself to read some of that book right after I'm finished posting my Daily HGT in the various places that I post it!

May this also serve as a reminder to others who have the same difficulties I do when it comes to being motivated to read a book!

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