Monday, December 28, 2015


I love so many kinds of music. Most of it falls in the broad category of rock/pop, but there are so many sub genres of that. Not to mention that I really enjoy listening to nonwestern music, such as Indian, Indonesian, Japanese... and more. I also like classical, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, funk, hip hop, and so on...

I'm grateful that I have a huge collection of music. I still have tons of CDs (most of which are loaded onto my itunes so I can play my ipod in the car or between sets at gigs). I also listen to Spotify and Pandora which is a great way to find new music. I love finding new music that I like! Don't get me wrong—I am a total sucker for listening to favorites that I've heard thousands of times and still love. The nostalgia plays a large part of the enjoyment of music from different parts of my past.

Anyway, back to new music. I've mentioned the group (duo, really) called The Bird & The Bee before several times in this blog, and recently I've been listening a lot to their latest CD called Recreational Love, which has my new favorite song by them on it called "Lovey Dovey." My friend Kelli told me that the genre of TB&TB is "dream pop," which I think totally fits. It fits this song in particular just perfectly.

Please give it a listen: LINK

It's so very sweet!!!

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