Sunday, November 29, 2015


Lucid dreaming is a fascinating topic. It is when you are dreaming and are aware that you are dreaming. In some cases, you are simply aware; in others, you have some control over what you do or what happens in the dream. This is apparently a technique that can be practiced and improved. I haven't done much reading about it, but there are a few links below that are interesting.

My personal experience with lucid dreaming is with only one very specific kind of dream and what I do in the dream. It has probably happened to me a dozen or so times in my life, but it is SO good when I can do it because it's a way I can wake myself from a horrible nightmare.

So in these particular dreams of mine, any number of things can be happening, but whatever it is, it's absolutely awful—unbearable even. There comes a point in the dream when I very suddenly think that this is so horrible, it's can't be real—it's got to be a dream. Then I consciously shake my head and I wake up!!! I think I'm actually shaking my head in real life as well as in the dream. The first time this happened (maybe ten or more years ago), it absolutely blew my mind, and I was so very relieved. Subsequent times, I've been so very grateful that I was able to wake up and that I had the awareness while in the dream that I could (possibly) shake myself out of it and wake up from it! The sense of relief is always so strong!

Some nice resources about lucid dreaming:

I'd be so interested to know if anyone who reads this has ever had lucid dreams. Would you leave me a comment and tell a little about your experience if you've ever had one? Thank you!!!


  1. I often find myself awoken by sunlight having not finished a dream. I try to fall back to sleep to see if I can go back to that dream. And many times, I have!
    I'll spend more time reading your links as I wanna know more.

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